We are a group of wildlife biologists passionate about bat conversation.

Felix Martinez-Nuñez, M.Sc., R.P.Bio.

Felix is a wildlife biologist involved in a wide variety of research projects focused on conservation of Canadian wildlife ranging from plants to narwhals and bats using, ecological, molecular, and bioinformatics tools. His main interest is on bats and how different factors such as climate, geographical features, and social behavior are affecting the distribution and movements of individuals and natural populations. He is using this information towards conservation of wildlife. For his Master’s research at the University of Winnipeg, Felix implemented molecular and ecological data to assess movement, distribution and relatedness of little brown bats from winter and summer sites throughout Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. An experienced bat field worker, Felix has also conducted White-nose Syndrome (WNS) surveys, coordinated late winter field work to detect WNS signs, collected material for laboratory detection of the fungus (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) and generated reports on the status of bat populations. Since 2013 Felix has been part of SCBAT, exploring the beautiful mountains of BC looking for bats and other mammals, crunching field data, analyzing acoustic files and using his GIS skills to map key habitat for bats.

Patrick Burke, B.A.


Patrick is an environmental project manager and bat biologist with extensive experience in impact assessment, inventory and monitoring, and environmental consulting. He has experience working with the wind industry to avoid and minimize impacts to bats across the United States and Western Canada. He has worked on bat conservation projects with the North Carolina Wildlife Research Commission, the Nature Conservancy, and BC Parks.

Danielle Dagenais M.Sc.


Danielle has over 10yrs experience working on many wildlife and fisheries projects.  She began working with bats in 2011 as a volunteer with the Stanley Park Ecology Society.  She has recently completed a Masters of Science using radar-acoustic technology to compare bat activity over vineyards and adjacent shrub-steppe habitat in the South Okanagan Valley.  Danielle is pleased to have joined the South Coast Bat Conservation Society in the spring of 2016 to help with the management and conservation of bats in the Lower Mainland.

Aimee Mitchell, M.Sc, RPBio

Ms. Aimee Mitchell (M.Sc, RPBio), has been involved in the field research, data analysis and provincial Wildlife Habitat Area report compilation aspects of various species at risk (SAR) (Western Painted Turtles, Red-legged frogs, Coastal Tailed Frogs, Northern Goshawks, Great Blue Herons) recovery work in BC through her position as an Intern Biologist at the BC Ministry of Environment in 2008-2010. She continues to consult and advise governments, first nations, stewardship groups and private landowners all over the South Coast on species at risk conservation and recovery with targeted work on additional SAR including Western Screech Owls, Western Toads and listed Bat species. She also actively provides information and coordinates with all relevant SAR Recovery Teams/Working Groups and organizations involved in formal habitat protection and species designations. She has been the project manager and biologist for the 8 multi-year multi-species at risk projects since 2011. She is a member of the Western Painted Turtle Recovery Team, Coastal Painted Turtle and Great Blue Heron Working Groups, BC Bat Team, is the Fraser Valley coordinator for the BC Community Bat Program and has been a member of the BC College of Applied Biology as a Registered Professional Biologist since 2008. Currently, she is a Director at Large with SCBAT.

Chris Currie

Jenn Barrett

Hossein Zohoori, Ph.D.

Hossein Zohoori is an environmentalist and wildlife ecologist with extensive international bat research experience. He is an expert in the biology of the Egyptian fruit bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus) and has field experience in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He has experience assessing effects of projects on resources Kenya, Iran, and Afghanistan.Throughout his career, Hossein has endeavored to disperse and publish scientific information in simple words to educate the public. He is currently a member of the Bat Specialist Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)  and an Advisory Committee Convener to EUROBATS.

Erin Rutherford, B.Tech


Erin Rutherford is a bat researcher and restoration planner from the South Coast of BC who has been involved in conducting species inventory and monitoring programs as well as education and community outreach for the last 9 years. Her main research interests are on bats and wetland ecosystems, specifically focusing on the ecological connections and habitat functions within ecosystems. A graduate of the BCIT Ecological Restoration and Fish Wildlife and Recreation programs, Erin has conducted research on South Coast bat species distribution and habitat features, leading mist-netting surveys and identifying species using morphological characteristics, acoustic monitoring using ultrasonic detectors and conducting Anabat bat call analysis. Erin has developed bat ecology education programs for the University of the Fraser Valley, BC Institute of Technology and the BC Wildlife Federation and is an experienced project manager, conducting community outreach, media advocacy, and leading White-nose Syndrome prevention field management in the conservation community.


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  1. Hello, I am looking for someone who would like to study the beats in our attic. They are here during the summer months then go away for the winter.
    Jane Murray,
    Pine Hills Ranch Permaculture
    7278 Sheridan Lake Road West
    Lone Butte, BC. 250-593-0087

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