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Our Sponsors

BC Hydro
BC Conservation Foundation
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Program
Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation
Metro Vancouver
Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia
Pacific Parklands Foundation

Our Working Partners

Lillooet Naturalist Society
Promoting the enjoyment and understanding of nature for naturalists and the public.

Salt Spring Island Conservancy
The Salt Spring Island Conservancy protects and enhances the natural values of the island and its surrounding waters by acquiring land or covenants, and by educating landholders and the public toward improved land and water stewardship.

Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project
Protecting, restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat on BC’s Sunshine Coast; Undertaking stewardship action to aid species at risk

Stanley Park Ecology Society
Stanley Park Ecology Society promotes awareness of and respect for the natural world and plays a leadership role in the stewardship of Stanley Park through collaborative initiatives in education, research and conservation.

Community Bat Programs of BC
The “Got Bats?” initiative promotes conservation of bats on private land, provides a resource to landowners dealing with bat issues, and engages citizen scientists to collect data on bat populations.

Okanagan Bat Project
The project coordinates bat counts, bat public programs, bat box installation, and dead bat collection in the Okanagan Valley.

Peace Bat Conservation Project
The Project provides information on bats and getting public assistance in locating existing bat colonies while establishing monitoring for known bat populations.

Skeena Community Bat Project
The Project raises awareness about bat conservation in the northwest, working with landowners who have bats and promoting the Annual Bat Count.

South Vancouver Island Community Bat Program
The Program coordinates the Annual Bat Count, helps locate and map existing colonies, conducts acoustic monitoring of select sites, collects guano for DNA sampling, and helps homeowners install bat boxes or guide them on best practices for excluding bats.